Get Mr. Geeks to fix your faulty PCs & laptops in Kansas City!

Need to repair a PC at your workplace? Looking for an immediate computer service in Kansas City? When it comes to onsite repair of PCs and laptops anywhere in Missouri, no one does it better than Mr. Geeks.

Mr. Geeks specializes in ONSITE computer repair in Kansas City, and we have a team of more than 500 certified technicians working with us. We can come over and get your PC repair work done at your workplace, business office, shop, or even your home

We work 24x7 – On weekends, holidays and special days, when you don’t have other options!

What does Mr. Geeks offer?

Mr. Geeks strives to make laptop & PC repair an easy thing for customers, and we deal in all brand, models, and makes – regardless of other factors. Here’s a quick look at our profile for PC &laptop repair in Kansas City –

  • Dead computer repair
  • ONSITE repairs of hard drive, installations of parts like screens and keyboards
  • Printer setup, updates and installation
  • Dedicated support for Data & Network
  • New router Setup& troubleshooting LAN/WAN connectivity
  • Installing new Mac & Windows OS, updating existing OS
  • Scanning slow PCs & laptops for issues

Our services for PC repair in Kansas City are entirely flexible. In case you cannot call us over, we can always pick up your faulty computer/laptop for the job.

Why call Mr. Geeks for local computer repair in Kansas City?

Mr. Geeks is a step ahead of its competitors when it comes to PC repair jobs. We offer SAME DAY service in most areas of Kansas City, and in case our technician cannot fix your PC, don’t pay us – simple! We also have the strongest network in Missouri, and all our technicians are trained & certified for the job. Check more reasons below to select us for computer repair and maintenance services in Kansas City-

  • 24 hours help on PC & laptop repair, all 7 days a week – anywhere in Kansas City
  • Onsite services – Get to know the work being done
  • Transparent estimates for each job & clear Call out Charges based on location/distance
  • Pickup & delivery from your location inKansas City
  • Assured SAME DAY SERVICE for most areas at no extra cost
  • 15+ years of industry experience
  • "No fix, no pay" guarantee on every job

In addition to that, Mr. Geeks strives to offer continuous support for old and new models of PCs and laptops. We also have our own computer repair Centre in Kansas City, so in case we pickup your product, you can expect quick delivery.

*Taxes applicable over & above estimates. Software/OS costs, if any, to be paid by the customer.

Our Teams

Not sure if we are serving in your area? Call us at (800) 880-5506.

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